Harvest 2022 begins!

At Bodegas Balbás we have begun the long-awaited Harvest 2022. Despite the complex weather conditions that we are experiencing throughout this year, we happily await the harvest of a grape that will surely enjoy exceptional quality.

We harvest the more than one hundred hectares of our own vineyards by hand, always worrying about making an initial selection on the vine itself. This is the only way to be able to have an exhaustive control of the entire evolutionary process of the grape, from the moment it is born on the plant, until it reaches the glass.

Since we began to make wine, back in 1777, our main concern has always been caring for the land. Something as obvious as necessary, yes, but that entails constant dedication throughout the year.

First, the Albillo Mayor, followed by the rosé and the oldest vineyards. Those are the grapes that begin to appear in the boxes that arrive freshly picked in the field to our facilities. 

For approximately 3-4 weeks, we will be working from sunrise to sunset in the winery, as it is a crucial time that requires all our effort and attention. In addition, we maintain our usual plan of visits to the winery, being able to offer a different perspective to anyone who decides to come and meet us. Taste the grape, taste the musts... 

Do you cheer up? We are waiting for you!

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