The Balbás #Enogastronomic family grows

The House of Bacchus, Destination Castilla y León, Hitcooking Y The Athenaeum Cellar they visited Bodegas Balbas.

At Bodegas Balbás we have had the pleasure of welcoming a group of food journalists made up of David Manso (The House of Bacchus), Carmelo Aunion (Hit cooking), Rafa Tobar (The Cellar of Athenaeum) and David Vazquez (Destination Castilla y León, among others).

The group arrived at Ribera del Duero coming from different parts of the Spanish geography and, once dressed in the appropriate footwear, headed for the vineyard.

Visit to the Winery

Once the tour of the vineyard is over, we head inside our central facilities, located in La Horra.

The reception area was the first point visited, continuing through the large tanks where the magic of the transformation of grapes into wine begins.

Having crossed the threshold of the first stages of production, the entourage reached the barrel room, where the more than 2,000 specimens of French and American oak captivated the audience with their presence and aromas. The explanation, by the general director of Bodegas Balbás, Juan José Balbás, made more than one take out a notebook to take notes.

And finally, the heart of Balbas. The room of foudres and large reserves, home to the great wines of the cellar. Admired by the remote location of said space, each one was able to sign their own barrel that, from that moment, would make them part of the history of the winery. Thus increased the number of members of the 'Wine and food family of Bodegas Balbás‘.

The vineyard

With Peter of the Fountain winemaker of Balbas, As a luxury guide, we arrive at Lamalata, a farm where the grapes that shape our precious Ritus are born.

There, at 940 meters of altitude, the group was able to see first-hand the care we give to the grapes, prioritizing quality over quantity. In addition, the sunny weather made the area show its full splendor, being able to contemplate the vast extension of the vineyard that makes up the heart of the Ribera del Duero.

From the Lamalata estate we move on to another type of vineyard, with a more sandy soil, with a notable difference in age, to see the variety of land in which our grapes grow. Being this fundamental characteristic of the wines Balbas.

Tasting and paired food

After the obligatory photos, it was time to return to the large rooms where the tasting and subsequent meal took place, always paired with our reds.

Le bijou Rosé surprised us first, as this unique rosé pairs perfectly with big occasions.

Then the protagonists were Balbás Crianza, Reserva and Ritus. Each one in its style, conquered the palates of the visitors. Perhaps Ritus had a more special reception because visiting his vineyard meant that, when tasting it, all the aromas were better understood knowing where the grapes with which it is made come from.

And as a finishing touch, Alitus, to close a meal and a special day.

Without a doubt, it is a real pleasure to be able to count on gastronomic communication professionals, a fundamental piece in the entire winemaking process, always bringing the product closer to the end customer.

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