Javier Pérez Andrés, visiting Balbás

The renowned journalist Javier Pérez Andrés visited Bodegas Balbás, thus reuniting with his great friend Juan José Balbás.

His face, known throughout the national territory, looked happy as he crossed the entrance door to the warehouse. After melting into a hug, memories of past times began to roll in when some began to write and others to make their first wines.

On this occasion, the tour of the winery was the least important, since in this section, the greatest interest was to see the evolution of the infrastructure in recent years.

Javier was one of the first journalists who began to deal with the Ribera del Duero wine region, even conducting several interviews in the family's old Underground Winery. Once the visit was over, it was time to taste the wines and the new vintages.

Balbas Rosé 2019

Balbas Crianza 2017


Alitus 2012

These were some of the wines that could be tasted at the table in the great halls of Balbas. The rosé was surprising, due to its freshness and slight marked acidity. The shimmering pale pink hue drew attention to what was to come even before it was uncorked.

In the range of reds, the Balbás Crianza was the first to appear. The new vintage, 2017, is a nice reminder of its predecessor, 2016. The red fruit and the terroir begin to define a range that speaks for itself.

The next to arrive on the palate was Ritus, A different wine, with a modern cut. the height of lamalata, a farm where the grapes that give it shape are collected, endows both the Tempranillo like Merlot.

Finally, Alitus. The family jewel. A unique wine, with a limited edition of bottles only made in exceptional vintages for the century-old vineyards from which their grapes are taken. 2012 has arrived stepping strong.

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