In this way they join the singer Rayden and his group who inaugurated said club at the end of 2018.

La MODA, as these 7 young Burgos artists are also known, formed this Folk-Rock-Pop music group 7 years ago in the lands of El Cid. Thus, most of the group went to Bodegas Balbás: Álvar de Pablo (saxophone and choirs), Caleb Melguizo (drums and percussion), Joselito Maravillas (accordion and choirs), Jorge Juan Mariscal (bass), Jacobo Naya (keyboards , percussion, banjo and guitar) and Nacho Mur (Guitar) to enjoy a unique day in the heart of the Ribera del Duero.


The day began with a visit to the central facilities of Bodegas Balbás located in La Horra. They began in the grape reception area under the explanations of the Director General Juan José Balbás. From there they toured the different rooms of the winery where they could appreciate the winemaking phases.

Arriving at the barrel room, the heart of Bodegas Balbás, the delegation made a stop along the way. There, surrounded by more than 2,000 French and American oak barrels, the group La MODA signed their own, thus forming part of the Club Boteros de Balbás.

After the honorary act, the visit continued through the bottle rack and the bottling room. They finally ended up in the great halls of Balbás where the young artists were able to enjoy an unforgettable tasting.

The Verdejo led the way before trying the new vintage of the Rosado Balbás 2018, a wine that was exquisite. A Castilian meal made up of local sausages and churro-roasted suckling lamb with salad.

In this way, the Balbás family continues to bet on art, this time in musical form. Emphasizing young people (always of legal age), as the present and future of Ribera del Duero, Burgos and national treasure.


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