With the arrival of summer and the heat, a wide range of possibilities opens up so that your meals are a perfect refreshment for your body accompanied by a good wine. In this case, we are going to recommend some pairings so that, when you sit down at the table, you have a little help if you don't know which Balbás wine to use on each occasion.

Of course, be clear that this is only a recommendation. Pairing is a way of combining flavors in the mouth and enhancing different foods with different wines. Despite this, the one who will finally decide is you.

Balbás Verdejo

Our Balbás Verdejo It is an ideal wine to help us suffocate the summer heat. We take care of each one of its tones and flavors from the moment the grapes are harvested, making a special effort in its fermentation at low temperatures so as not to lose the varietal aromas.

It is characterized by being a clean and bright wine. It has a straw yellow tone with greenish touches. Explosion of aromas reminiscent of tropical fruits such as guava, banana, pineapple and mango. Very fresh on the palate and with a great fullness of fruit with a creamy and long-lasting finish, well-integrated acidity that gives it an intense flavor.

What can we pair our Balbás Verdejo with?

Verdejo is a characteristic grape of the DO Rueda and is perfectly complemented by a wide range of foods. The acidity (intensifies its properties and flavors) of this wine makes it ideal for oily fish. A baked trout with garnish, grilled or smoked salmon, grilled sardines... And if you opt for a steamed seafood platter, the success will be complete. In this way, any of these marine animals will delight the palate if we combine it with a very fresh Verdejo.

If, on the other hand, we prefer meat, in this case we recommend white meat such as turkey, chicken (a good 'Cordon Bleu' will delight the house and pair perfectly with our Balbás Verdejo) or rabbit, roasted with Baked spices… Delicious!

Citrus aromas stand out in slightly aged fresh cheeses and vegetables. Of course, if you choose tomatoes in the salad, try not to be very acidic, try to make them well ripe.

Balbás Rose

Being an atypical rosé out of the ordinary in Ribera del Duero, our Balbás Rosado becomes an ideal wine for summer. Made from Tempranillo 100%, we carry out a small maceration at night just after the harvest so that it allows us to obtain its precious aromas. Fermentation takes place at a very low temperature to maintain its freshness.

The Balbás Rose It is full of fresh smells and flavors that will delight the senses of all diners. On the nose it is an explosion of fruit aromas, highlighting cherry, strawberry and raspberry. With an intense and floral finish. Its passage through the mouth is smooth and balanced. Its flavor will not leave you indifferent.

With what do we pair the Balbás Rosado?

The range of foods with which to pair our rosé is wide and will make it easier for us to choose when it comes to filling our stomachs.

A good paella or rice is one of the best options. The variety of flavors that can accompany this type of food will highlight the power and freshness of this very fresh wine in the mouth. If you are on vacation, on the beach, the option wins many points. It's a safe bet.

Rosés are good friends with fish, shellfish and salads. Soft foods with a fresh profile that, added to the sweetness of our Balbás, will make them ideal pairings.

Do you let us recommend something different? If you like to enjoy new things, this is your moment... Try it with a ceviche! Our pink Balbás will surprise you in the mouth with a good cebiche (preferably fish or shellfish). The spicy, not very extreme, will be an ideal companion for this rosé.

Le Bijou

We are talking about our Premium rosé, the rough diamond of Bodegas Balbás. A total of 664 bottles, sealed by hand, one by one.

Le Bijou Rose is a unique rosé made from Tempranillo grapes (100%), with fermentation in French barrels to round off a wine made in the Provençal style.

Its freshness and acidity are accompanied by sweet flavors of red fruits and floral aromas. Ideal for a hot summer afternoon.

How to pair Le Bijou?

Le Bijou is a rosé that goes perfectly with a wide variety of foods. A grill of vegetables, poultry, even a broth rice. In this case, the Provencal touch due to its elaboration makes it even more elegant in the mouth than Balbás Rosado, giving it a greater attraction for more elaborate dishes.

At the time of year we are in, served very cold, it will pair unparalleled with a plate of oysters, some barnacles, mussels or, for example, lobster tail in sauce. Baked large wild fish (Group, Sea Bass…) can be another highly recommended option to complement this unique rosé.

Without a doubt, if you are enjoying a le Bijou, the pairing will be appropriate.

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