Balbás participates in Comer a Ciegas

In the radio program they tasted Le Bijou Rosé, Balbás Reserva Y Ritus.

Jonathan Armengol is in charge of directing a gastronomic program in which food and wine go hand in hand to create a unique fusion on the national scene. In this way, studies of Radio Intereconomy welcomed a new edition with the presence of Javier Aranda, prestigious chef with two Michelin Stars (Gaytan Restaurant Y The goat), Mario Cespedes (the cylinder, round 14, rush), Ana Garcia (Vallehermoso Market), Ernest Gallud, famous journalist and food critic and Juan Jose Balbas, Managing Director of Bodegas Balbas.

The day began with the presentation of the attendees. The first to speak was Anna Garcia. The manager of Vallehermoso Market He talked about the innovative project of the market as well as the multitude of options and wide gastronomic offer that they offer us every day from the first hour, always with fresh and quality products.

Then it would be the turn of Javier Aranda. This young chef explained to us how his latest project works, the Gaytan Restaurant, located in Madrid. A unique enclave, with only 8 tables located around an open kitchen. Thus, diners can see how the master works each of his dishes. That was the moment when our pink Premium, Le Bijou Roseentered the scene.

Its flavor impacted the attendees from the first sip. Jonatan, surprised, quickly asked about that wine that was «great, amazing«. Meanwhile, Javier and Mario thought and explained what dishes from their different menus they could pair it with. This was an easy task for them, as they quickly found several that fit perfectly with that combination of flavors. Between toasts and sips of Le Bijou, it was Mario Céspedes' turn. With a wide range of restaurants located both in Madrid and Asturias, the chef gave a glimpse of the different dishes that can be found in his premises where gourmet Peruvian cuisine is the star, even merging with Peruvian cuisine. A magnificent decision in which quality stands out if you are in Madrid.

The explanations gave way to the food, and various dishes appeared on the table of fellow guests. That's where our Balbás Reserva 2014 entered the scene, a wine that also dazzled the attendees. The powerful Peruvian food with meat as the main element was a perfect pairing. Even the crickets, cooked at Mercado Vallehermoso, combined perfectly due to their powerful flavor.

To finish, Ritus accompanied a dessert composed of soft chocolate and mousse, in the form of a lollipop, which put the final touch to the program.

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