The Balbás, elevated by James Suckling

The prestigious international critic, James Suckling, has tasted our Ritus, Balbás Reserva, Alitus and Botero, all of them scoring above 92 points.

Like every year, a careful selection of wines is chosen in Hong Kong to receive the evaluations of one of the world's wine references in recent years. Thus, within this tasting panel, our reds have obtained great recognition as one of the best in the region.

Ritus 2018 – 92 POINTS

Elaborated with a special affection, its grapes are born in a unique panorama, the farm La Malata. This beautiful place is located 940 meters altitude, thus crowning the Ribera del Duero. There, both the tempranillo (75%) and the merlot (25%) grow under unique weather conditions, ideal for us to extract their full potential. After spending 18 months in our room barrels, they will finish rounding themselves in the bottle to reach their fullness. Ritus It is a wine marked by its personality, aromatic and very tasty. Will not leave you indifferent.

B.albás Reserve 2016 – 93 POINTS

If something represents our manufacturing tradition, it is the passion for the effort and dedication to the land that saw us born, the Ribera del Duero, and the enormous love that we put into our wines. Balbás Reserva brings together in a bottle everything that Balbas family we have been developing since 1777. In this way, the Tempranillo that we carefully select by hand will enjoy a total of 24 months in oak barrels, evolving deviously, caressed by the passage of time. Once it reaches our bottle rack, it will spend the same period of time to continue enveloping aromas, flavors and textures, until achieving a unique riverside reserve.

Alitus 2014 – 93 POINTS

It is the jewel in the crown of the family. Made only in exceptional vintages, our Alitus enclose in a bottle Tempranillo (75%), Cabernet Sauvignon (20%) Y Merlot (5%), coming from our centenary vineyards. After 36 months resting in Oak barrels and another 36 rounded up in the bottle, a red wine designed to enjoy the elegance of the Ribera sees the light. Its aromatic power, the intensity of its flavor and the delicacy of its assembly will delight any palate.

Botero 2014 – 93 POINTS

long before in 1777 our ancestor abounded decided to start making wine, in the Balbas family We were already fully linked to our land, and, therefore, to the world of wine. The boatmen were the people who dedicated themselves to working the leather of animals to make skins, skins, or wine boots. This was the best way to transport our precious wine well preserved. of this pride family, as if it were a journey through time, is born Balbas Botero. A handful of bottles that, by themselves, explain the hard work of our family, since our beginning. Made in the image and likeness of the first steps we took in this our beloved land. The Ribera del Duero.

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