Le Bijou Rose 2018, ready to drink

We already have the new vintage of Le bijou Rose 2018 on the market

This is our elite rosé, a special, unique wine. Haven't you heard of Le Bijou Rose yet? Here we tell you about its preparation.

We present a different wine in every way. And it is that since we pick the grape, 100% tempranillo, until we bottle it, one by one sealed by hand, we take care of every detail of this unique rosé made in the Provencal style.


Each and every one of the grapes used for Le Bijou Rose They come from the coldest part of our coolest estate, El Rosedal. Once the area is located, the nightly harvest is carried out by hand, carried out at the right time, when it is ripening, but without reaching phenolic ripening. The objective is simple, that it does not lose any type of Tempranillo grape aroma. That same night in which the grapes are collected, we proceed to transfer them to the winery.

Once they are in our facilities, we put them in the press and, hardly pressing it, the flower must is extracted. This is perhaps one of the most delicate processes, given its vital importance so that later it does not have red tones but pinkish ones. All this must be done very quickly, on the same night that the grapes are harvested. Once the flower must has been extracted, it is clarified to remove all the impurities and make it crystal clear. It is then set aside in the tank where it will naturally ferment with indigenous yeast.

It is allowed to ferment in very small tanks where the temperature is very well controlled, without exceeding a maximum of 12º, and half of it is made there, up to 1,050 density. Then it is racked, to aerate it, and it is used to pass it to French oak barrels. That barrel is barely toasted so that it does not add flavors or smells of wood. We try to make the fermentation in that barrel so that it picks up a little fat and tannin while it micro-oxygenates. This is undoubtedly the most peculiar process of our Le Bijou Rose.

Le Bijou Rose 2018, listo para beber

Once the fermentation in the French barrel is finished, it is transferred again to the tank. There it is left to decant, always in a natural way, taking that deposit out into the street to take advantage of the cold of winter, being able to reach -10º in this area. In this way we do not have to use additional machinery to preserve the care and natural evolution.

Once decanted, it proceeds to clarify. We always try to bottle it as soon as possible to always maintain the freshness of aromas that the acidity of the young wine gives us. This will be the last part of this delicate process. The 664 bottles are closed one by one, by hand, taking care that the delicate glass stopper is well sealed, thus avoiding leaks or oxygenation.

The engraved bottle, a collector's item, is finally ready to be placed in its box.

Le Bijou Rose 2018, listo para beber

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