Le Bijou triumphs in 'Sin Mala Uva'

Our Premium rosé, Le bijou, has obtained 94 points.

The Guide 'No Bad Grape', a gastronomic space where wines and restaurants are rated, has rated three of our wines with excellent results. This same one is made by the prestigious gastronomic critic Ernesto Gallud, having tasted in its pages more than 2,000 different wines.

So our Ritus has achieved 92 points. For his part, the Balbás Crianza Has obtained 93 points and finally, Le Bijou Rosé, 94 points. With this score there are only a total of 4 wines in said guide.

The aromas, the worked wood and the quality of the grapes have been the main highlights of our wines by the Alicante critic.




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