Proud founders, 40 years later

The founders of Ribera del Duero they met, 40 years later, to commemorate a historic anniversary. Among them was Juan Jose Balbas, Managing Director of Bodegas Balbas, being the direct representative of one of the eight families that gave rise, in its beginnings, to our beloved DO

The gala was enlivened by the well-known journalist Javier Perez Andres. In it, the attendees were able to enjoy various stories and anecdotes in which the terroir and the effort of the different generations to take such a long-awaited dream forward made a common link.

This was a festivity full of encounters and emotion, in charge of the Regulatory Council, who organized and directed the event.

Orgullosos fundadores, 40 años después

Balbás, at the origin

Bodegas Balbas dates from 1777, moment in which our ancestor Abundio Balbas decides to start making wine.

Several generations later, on July 21, 1982, a group of families decided to organize ourselves to start building the foundations of the DO Ribera del Duero. In that initial signature that took place in the shelter of the Retiro Metro station in Madrid, Victor Balbas, father of Juan José, signed a name for history. The Regulatory Council was therefore officially constituted, thus approving the first regulation.

Today we are more than 300 wineries and cooperatives that continue to work hard to keep our production region at the top of the national and international scene, always being grateful to the efforts of all those people who, every day, accompany us on our way. .

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