wine is health

Consuming wine in moderation is good for your health

Moderate consumption of wine, one glass for her and two for him, is good for your health. Not only is it good, it also has great antioxidant power, reduces depression, prevents breast cancer, dementia or prostate cancer, among other properties. Wine can boast of having an endless list of qualities that help you feel good.

In addition, it is a great companion along with a balanced and fat-free diet to lose weight. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology demonstrated this with a study that confirmed that wine is capable of activating a gene that prevents the formation of new fat cells and stimulates the existing ones to purify them and gradually eliminate them.

Also surprising is the study by the University of California in San Diego, which revealed that moderate consumption of wine reduces the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by half. Their finding challenged conventional thinking that alcohol consumption harms liver health. In fact, scientists reported in the journal Hepatology that beer or liquor drinkers have a four times higher risk of liver disease. The properties go much further. Italian researchers have confirmed that the traditional custom of treating gum infections with wine has scientific foundations. Wine slows down the oral growth of bacteria linked to cavities, gingivitis and sore throats.

If drunk in moderation, the brain releases endorphins in two of its areas and improves cognitive function. In small amounts it prevents dementia because its antioxidants reduce inflammation, prevent arteries from hardening and inhibit coagulation, thus improving blood flow. In short, wine is a treasure, a remedy against all ills that helps to be happier.

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