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The history of Bodegas Balbás goes back more than two hundred years in the Burgos town of La Horra.

Is in 1777 when Abundio Balbás began to produce red wines from grapes grown on their own for local consumption since, at that time, in the villages each villager had a task. The wine was transported and distributed in skins, also known as wineskins, a fact that was strongly linked to the family until the evolution and arrival of the bottles, exercising the trade of boatmen until the end.

After Abundio, came more Balbás who always lived parallel to the world of wine. A) Yes six generations to the 21st century with his great-great-grandson, Juan José Balbás, today General Manager and one of the great references in the Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin. In fact, Bodegas Balbás was one of the pioneering wineries that established the appellation of origin in 1982, today a hallmark of more than 300 wineries. His relationship with the DO is unconditional, even Juan José was president of the Regulatory Council from 1996 to 2000.

Juan Jose Balbas

Passion for wine

Juan Jose Balbas He has inherited all the knowledge from his grandfather Abundio and his father, Víctor. From a young age he began to be nurtured by the knowledge of wine, but it was not until he was 26 years old that he dedicated himself professionally.

With the premise inherited from his father that the most important thing about wine is "the quality of the grape and the vineyard”, initiates a transformation of the project. Along with heritage and tradition, he adds notes of “innovation” because as it says, “we all fall in love with the horse carriage but it is more comfortable in the fuel car”. In addition, it can boast of handling the Cabernet Sauvignon variety for the production of its wines in a unique way.

Quiénes somos
Bodegas-Balbas Juan José Balbás
“My father was a wine lover, in love with the countryside, affable, with an extraordinary gift for people and a hard-working man.”
"We preserve the essence of before and integrate it with all the technological advances, making Balbás a classic benchmark in Ribera del Duero, elegant, with great personality and whose wines leave no one indifferent."
Bodegas-Balbas Patricia Balbás
“The main thing for me is to continue taking care of the status of our winery, and therefore, that of our family. I proudly carry with me the surname Balbás and its legacy, and that must be maintained through effort, work, passion and dedication. It is very important that all of us who are part of this daily work understand the philosophy that has been instilled in us generation after generation at home.”

Patricia Balbas

Tradition and perseverance

The history of Bodegas Balbás continues in the hands of Patricia Balbas, daughter of Juan José Balbas. Being the seventh generation of the family, and an Industrial Engineer by training, she has spent her whole life nurturing herself with the knowledge of the world of wine. More specifically, it was in 2018 when she joined the Balbás work organization chart, currently being the Commercial Director of the winery.

Passion, tradition and perseverance are the values that represent the legacy that, thanks to her, will continue for another generation, in the heart of the Ribera del Duero.

Clare of the Source

The other half

This transformation of the winery would not have been possible without the fundamental role of his wife, Clare of the Source. Both have dedicated more than twenty years, which they have been together, to moving Bodegas Balbás forward. The secret cannot be other than “tenacity, perseverance, enthusiasm, work, effort, and many hours of dedication”. Clara recognizes that the worst part of this path is the “loneliness” with which you sometimes have to make decisions that affect many people. A responsibility that he shares with a great human team that are already part of the Balbás family.

Quiénes somos

“When you are younger you have more courage, perhaps because you are not aware of the danger of a bad decision, now after spending many sleepless nights, you reach an age in which you face with more calm, serenity and calm all the responsibility that you carry. at your back."

Quiénes somos
"We preserve the essence of before and integrate it with all the technological advances, making Balbás a classic benchmark in Ribera del Duero, elegant, with great personality and whose wines leave no one indifferent."

Peter of the Fountain

pure essence

Our wines would not be understood without the tireless work of Peter of the Fountain.

He is the winemaker par excellence of the house, with more than 25 years directing the laboratory from which each and every one of the references that we elaborate come out.

Its personality and tenacity are reflected in each glass, being the delicate aging in wood one of the great hallmarks of Bodegas Balbás.

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