Balbás Gran Reserva


Balbás Gran Reserva It is the result of the selection of the best grapes and attention to detail, a safe and constant value to obtain the best quality from Ribera del Duero. Fine-tuned during six years of aging, it stores the wisdom that time grants.

current vintage: 2014

Variety: Tempranillo

Months in barrel: 36 months in French oak.

Tasting sheet


It comes from our estates in Vadeherreros, Carreportillo, Castellares, La Cañada and Fuenticuervos. They are very small vineyards, about 80 years old, on sandy soil, very poor. All this means that grape production is very low, about 0.6 kg per vine (three clusters on average). These vineyards are among the first to always be harvested by hand. Fermentation takes place spontaneously in 3,000 kg tanks, without the addition of yeast. It is left to macerate for around 25 days to extract the maximum phenolic potential of the grape.

CATA's notes

Medium intensity, clean and bright, presenting a ruby red color. On the nose, great aromatic complexity, the result of its long aging. Touches of ripe fruit and compote, with hints of liquorice and tobacco. Subsequently, some balsamics are added that increase the aforementioned aromatic complexity. In the taste phase, it increases the meatiness, with a touch of acidity, which gives it an unusual freshness for such a long-lived wine. Easy on the palate, due to the balance between all its flavours, leaving balsamic sensations in the aftertaste.


Perfect for special occasions. Stews, stews, game meats... But also elaborate pastas.

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