Balbás Verdejo


Balbás Verdejo It is a fresh and casual wine with a lemon yellow color with green sparkles that denote liveliness.

On the nose, its fine complexity stands out with aromas of tropical fruits such as banana, pineapple or mango. Very expressive on the palate and very full, it achieves a creamy and long-lasting finish without losing the essence of freshness, the main characteristic of this wine.

Current vintage: 2022

Variety: 100% Verdejo.

Tasting sheet


Cold maceration of the vintage for 4 hours. Fermentation at low temperatures so as not to lose the varietal aromas. Once the fermentation is finished, it remains with the fine lees, which we will stir every so often (battonage).

CATA's notes

Clean wine in which its brilliance stands out. It has a straw yellow tone with greenish touches. Explosion of aromas reminiscent of tropical fruits such as guava, banana, pineapple and mango. Very fresh in the boa and with a great fullness of fruit with a creamy and long-lasting finish, well-integrated acidity that gives it an intense flavor.


The acidity (intensifies its properties and flavors) of this wine makes it ideal for oily fish, shellfish and especially those steamed. Citrus aromas highlight slightly aged fresh cheeses, smoked fish and vegetables.

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