Alitus. Its name, derived from the Latin halitus (breath, exhalation) speaks for itself. Made only in vintages of the highest quality, the long time in wood, as well as its three grape varieties blended in a unique way, make this wine pure complexity.

Current vintage: 2015

Variety: 75% Tempranillo, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Merlot.

Months in barrel: 36 months in French oak barrels.

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Small plots with vineyards over 80 years old. Poor soils, with a lot of gravel. Each plant produces little grapes, due to age, but of great potency. This is our Alitus, the jewel in the crown of the Balbás family.

CATA's notes

His name, Alitus, derived from the word halitus (From Latin, breath, breath, exhalation) speaks for itself. Visually we find a wine that is presented with a very high layer of dark cherry rims, which reflects its great potential. Clean and intense, with good glyceric density. The long time in the barrel, as well as its three grape varieties, give Alitus great aromatic complexity. The aging has made the primary aromas of the grapes fade. A velvety softness envelops the first impression. Acidity and tannins are still present, although perfectly integrated.


Like the great reserves, Alitus is ideal for pairing with hearty foods, dishes with an intense flavor such as game meats, stews or cured cheeses. The perfect wine to accompany special occasions.

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