Our facilities

Barrel room

Here the wines are aged in French and American oak barrels for several months, depending on the category, where they evolve and become impregnated with the nuances and flavours that characterise them, while stabilising the wines naturally with regular racking.

Special wines

One of the rooms in the winery is used to produce special wines, which are fermented in French oak barrels under controlled humidity and temperature conditions. They are Ribera del Duero wines with a particular feature, either because they’re single estate wines or because of the type of grapes used.

The cellar

This is where we keep our wines with the longest history. Wines from old, historical or important vintages for the family are stored in an ideal atmosphere that helps them to evolve in the bottle and ensures they retain their special characteristics.

Wine tourism

Our facilities include a tasting area and a spacious restaurant for events and business meetings in a unique setting overlooking the La Horra vineyard.

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