We mainly grow the Tempranillo variety, characteristic of the Ribera del Duero, although we also have plots of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes are harvested with the utmost care to preserve all the properties, freshness and quality of the raw material. We strategically choose the perfect time to harvest and hand select each cluster of grapes.

Bodegas Balbás has 10 plots of land with a range

of soil types that all contribute their essence to our wines.

Controlled light and temperature

to produce the best possible wines.


We use French and American oak to age our wines, selecting the wood before the barrels are made and thereby controlling the drying and toasting of each barrel to add just the right amount of oak for each variety and vinification process. We also provide a stable environment in which the temperature, light and humidity are all controlled to ensure each bottle has the chance to evolve and give the best of itself.


We take care of all the details of the process right up to the finishing and final polishing in the bottle. At Balbás our aim is for our entire range of wines to stand out for their quality. We achieve a superb line of development throughout our wines in terms of their structure and balance, without forgetting the typicity of our region. The goal: that you always enjoy an excellent end-product.

Every detail of our bottling process is taken

care of 100%.

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